A covenant culture for memorial encounters.

It was no ordinary celebration as we witnessed the a ALFC family transition from one degree to the next. The atmosphere was charged as the week Long grand celebration of the Lord’s faithfulness commenced. It started with a launch of grounds and garden’s development. Continuing in the legacy of our founding father, the leadership purposed to enhance the beauty of the church grounds creating more serene and peaceable atmosphere that can be appreciated by the world. A tree was planted to commemorate the on- set of the future plan by Mrs Leslie (the longest standing founding member.)

As good stewards we must keep orderly records so that we commit these to the next generation. To this end, the records and research program was launched. To preserve our history and tell the story of the road we trod to those that must find and walk in it or use it as a torch, a light to see far.
ALFC also launched a community program to create a bridge between the church and its surrounding environment. We believe that our location was hand-picked by God that we may shine His glory and goodness in this territory. The Hope ministry an arm at ALFC extended Hope packages that had relief items to those in need. Games to celebrate our unity and a children’s party set the climate high with excitement. What a joy to see what the kingdom of God brings to a region.

The Last day of the celebrated with loads of praises and dancing, lots of stories from the members of all ages. It was heartwarming way of remembering our founding father who carried the message of Faith from a far country to people hungry for God. A Colorful Luncheon of sumptuous meals was served to crown the day. ALFC will live to remember the goodness of the Lord as it continues in a covenant culture.

ALFC Remains an Epicenter of Faith For Hope Revivals
and Potential Awakening