A Life Transformed of Child birth

A few years ago, I had given up on life. I sincerely didn’t know where I was going; my life was in one place without any direction. And I was even considering suicide, when my brother who was a member at Abundant Life invited me to church in a bid to help me, I was hesitant to come because I had heard many say that Abundant Life Faith Center was a ministry where only the rich and those who spoke English attended. My brother insisted and I finally agreed to come.

To my disbelief, the people welcomed and treated me as if I was one of their own. I eventually became a member of the ministry in 2002, even though I did not know how to speak English which I started to learn. God added to me another parent – my pastor (Dr. Handel Leslie). who encouraged me to learn English and always spoke positively to my life. He said I would be the head and not the tail. His continuous encouragement helped me change my mindset and see myself in a better way. In 2017, God added to me a beautiful wife and this year we celebrate five years of holy matrimony. God has been so good to us, He has provided for us, He has given us love for each other, and a good life which I had never imagined before. We have been blessed with two beautiful children.

When the people who knew me in the life before meet me today, they stand in utter amazement and ask me if I am really the person they knew then. Seeing what I have accomplished and my attitude towards life, they see a real moving testimony. I thank God for where He is taking us, for I know they are places of greater Glory!

Moses. M



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