Our Founders

Dr. Handel Leslie and Mrs Beverly Leslie

Abundant Life Faith Center (ALFC) Uganda was founded in October 1989 by Dr. Handel Leslie, a Canadian. A few months later, he was joined by his wife, Beverly Leslie and son, Jonathan. As husband and wife in ministry, they worked together tirelessly to advance the kingdom of God believing they were called to Uganda to fulfil a divine purpose which they set themselves to accomplish.

Handel and Beverly Leslie were both born in the Island of Jamaica. Dr. Handel Leslie was born on 15th February 1959. At age 14, he migrated to Canada to join his mother and to further his education. His father passed on when he was only 5 years old; leaving him under the care of his mother, a strict and disciplinary woman, who loved and shaped him for another 19 years before she too departed to be with the Lord.

As a young boy going into his teens, pursuit of the passion for ministry was evidently Dr. Leslie’s foremost goal; making much room for him to engage in various outreach opportunities across the Caribbean Islands and Canada. At age 18, he attended the International Bible College in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in Canada where he graduated with a degree in Theology. While in ministry, he continued with studies and earned a Master’s degree in counselling and a Doctorate in philosophy (PhD).

Dr. Leslie was a man of strong and bold faith who fearlessly faced and overcame multiple obstacles. His life depicted vision, purpose and focus. He had an insatiable quest for knowledge; a quest that propelled him into a transformational leader, motivational speaker, educator and inspirational writer. Dr. Leslie grew up to become a distinguished voice of faith, hope and excellence in his generation on a global scale.

With a message of hope, inspiration and practical guidance for daily living, his insightful approach to life helped one to discover hidden potential and break loose from the cycle of mediocrity. With a passion to spearhead a revolution of change, he continued to spread his message through books, articles, television and radio broadcasts under a signature media programme dubbed ‘Insights for Positive Living’.

The legacy of Dr. Leslie lives on across many parts of Africa, Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Canada, and not to mention, our much-cherished country, Uganda. His memory lives on in the hearts of many Ugandans for the message of faith which inspired the Body of Christ to rise from the spirit of poverty to a mindset of abundance and overflow; and from papyrus to excellent church structures – a reawakening that has now turned papyrus church structures in Uganda into a thing of the past.

As the ALFC church family, we recognize and embrace the life and ministry of Dr. Handel Leslie for the spirit of faith, courage and resilience that he ably imparted to us, and continues to spread across time and geography.

Dr. Leslie departed to be with the Lord on 6th November, 2020. He is survived by wife Beverly, son Jonathan and granddaughter Mya. His legacy lives on in the growing number of believers that are fluent in faith on account of the continuing vision and mission of Abundant Life Faith Centre.