Ancient Paths Series

Ancient Paths Series 

Ancient paths are God’s tried and proven ways within which are experiences, insights and the wisdom, necessary for a believer to live out Gods plan for their life. They show case His glory on earth. The word “ancient” means something comes with great value. Anything ancient from a biblical perspective transcends generations. The Bible in Proverbs 22:28 states that we should not remove the ancient landmarks, which our fathers have set. Ancient paths give us an understanding of the principles and the patterns of the kingdom. They define our path/direction as established by the Lord to bring us into our destiny. Ancient paths form the foundation of our very existence as children of God. Every ministry established by God has a foundation on which it runs based on the purpose of that ministry. At Abundant Life Faith Center, our Purpose is “to unlock potential for divine destiny”; and our Vision is to be “an epicenter of faith for hope revivals and potential awakening” in alignment to our Mission, which is “to proclaim hope for a better tomorrow.”

The kingdom of God operates by principles and patterns which establish order. For you to fit perfectly within this kingdom; you must align yourself to them. Develop a teachable spirit; which is characterized by a desire to listen, learn and apply what you are taught in the word like practicing generosity, becoming a diligent tither. Understand that your relationship with God goes beyond knowing about Him. More importantly it is about knowing Him intimately for yourself. A foundation built on these principles and patterns will ensure steady growth and firmness in your Christian walk.

Pastor Wycliffe Mutesasira



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