Men of Purpose


The MOP ministry is a springboard that propels men to their place of manhood in Christ, priesthood in the family and leadership in society. We minister for wholistic development of men as a force for positive change and influence.

MOP membership is open to all men in ALFC aged 18 years and above.  Our meetings as MOP provide an interactive platform for building confidence, trust and strong relationships within and beyond the ALFC family. We aim to sharpen each other into Iron Pillar Men flowing in their full potential – spiritually, emotionally and physically in their families and in society.



  1. Relationship Building: monthly fellowship meetings, home visits, prayer moments, breakfast meetings, family outings and men’s conferences
  2. Discipleship: quarterly seminar/retreats, trainings on evangelism, counselling, and mentorship for personal growth and development
  3. Outreach: social media content, newsletters and book readings lists