Supernatural Healing.

I testify of the goodness of the Lord! So many years back when I was in primary five, my parents found out I had a goiter. I was taken to Mulago Hospital to get treatment but unfortunately, there was no specialist to handle that disease at that time in Uganda. There was however a specialist who used to come in every after three months from Ghana.

I opened a file with the hospital and I had to periodically go for treatment. I saw and heard of how people (including a classmate) suffered and died of the disease. Despite these stories, I had faith in God. When I became born again, my faith was stirred all the more I continued in prayer to God, believing the Holy Spirit to do the surgery Himself because He is the best surgeon.

I then joined Abundant Life Faith Centre church; One Sunday service my departed beloved Pastor, Dr. Handel Leslie was prophesying and he said, “someone here in the congregation, you have believed God for a major operation and now the Lord is answering you, come and take your healing.’’ I remember I didn’t walk, it was between walking and flying. Pastor laid his hands on me and prayed then he said “it is done!”  I took it, and since that day I have been free from that disease and I am now enjoying good health.

I am exceedingly grateful to God for that miracle!  One time I had a sleepless night because of pain. I was asking God so many questions and He reminded me that if I healed you of that foul disease that time, what is this pain that is troubling you?

You could be out there believing God for something that looks too big, if God healed me of that fatal goiter, then He too can heal you. Keep believing and be firm in your faith. One day you will testify. Praise the Lord of our salvation.

Rosemary. W        



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