Supernatural Intervention

I give glory to God for saving the life of my little girl. On 20th June 2018 I gave birth at 36 weeks. Unfortunately, there was some negligence during delivery and my baby got severe complications. We were rushed to Nsambya hospital where the baby was put on oxygen as she had difficulty in breathing. The doctors advised me not to breastfeed since she had swallowed a lot of fluids from the womb and they needed to first pull them out.

An X-ray was done and it showed that one side of the baby’s lungs had collapsed and the heart was bigger in size. I called Fredah, a church member in the intercession department, and told her about the situation at hand. She informed the Women of Faith(WOF) and they called and prayed with me. Despite this, the situation worsened. After 3 days of being in the nursery, the doctor moved the baby to Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Mrs. Mbabazi (WOF chairperson) would call every day and tell me, “it is well! This really encouraged me and strengthened my faith. I stood in prayer and believed that my baby was going to be fine irrespective of the sad news we received daily. A week later, they did an eco-scan and discovered the heart was just fine but her lungs were not responding to the treatment. The doctor advised we do another X-ray.

While she was being taken to the X-ray room, they removed the oxygen tube from the baby’s nose believing her lungs could support her for at least 10 minutes. In 2 minutes, the baby had turned blue so the doctors quickly reconnected her on oxygen but she was not responding. As they were resuscitating her, I started calling on the name of JESUS! Eventually the monitor showed normal progress. My baby was breathing! They brought the movable X-ray in the ICU and they performed it from there.

The X-ray result showed a little improvement on her lungs. The doctor wrote a report saying, “This baby should be on oxygen until further notice!” Despite it all, I knew God was at work! I stopped crying. I would wake up, shower, do my make-up, comb my hair nicely then go to the ICU to see the baby. The other mothers would look at me with confusion wondering, “where do you get the energy to make up when your baby is fighting for her life?” For me, I knew was that “it was well!”

The following day, my husband and I went to ICU only to find that the baby was off oxygen. She could now breathe on her own! I was told to pump milk so that the baby could feed.  The doctor told us the baby did not need to be in ICU anymore. God had healed our baby. We persisted in prayer and God healed our baby speedily.

While in ICU, the baby had been receiving glucose in Intravenous Injections (IVs), from a cannula through her vein direct into the muscle this caused a huge wound on her leg. We treated the wound and God healed it. The doctor told us that she might not be able to walk or would limp but I stand to testify that our girl is now 3 years old and walks normally like other children. Hallelujah

Mrs. Serunkuma.M



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