Supernatural Provision.

Praise God, I had been confessing Psalm 34 every morning, I would confess that the Lord loads me daily with benefits.

One day I went to the market and bought Irish potatoes. I peeled all of them and emptied the ‘kavera’ (polythene bag) When I looked at the Irish in the saucepan, they were so little. I begun to ponder in my heart and to wonder ‘’would this be enough for my family” My eyes however took me back to the place where I was peeling from and when I checked, I found there was another heap!! I was astounded and kept wondering “is it really me? is it my mind playing tricks; am I seeing right?” But God had provided and we ate those irish potatoes. They were even more than enough. People served to their fill and there was still more left. I give glory to God. I see that there is nothing impossible with God.

Mrs. Okwir



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