The Goodness of The Lord

January, 2022, Makindye Ssabagabo, Wakiso: Barnabas, a long time serving member of ALFC Church testifies of the goodness of the Lord in His life. He affirms that he has not only heard of God’s goodness but experienced it first-hand in 2021. God provided everything that his heart desired, provided financially, emotionally, socially and spiritually. He narrates that in the year 2019 he felt led to embark on the journey of marriage, he confided in Dr. Handle Leslie (of blessed memory) who encouraged him and prayed with him. Dates were set for the marriage ceremonies despite the covid era.  Barnabus thanks God for the great friends that prayed with him and were of a different mindset, they believed that everything will be a great success irrespective of the pandemic. He testifies that on 2nd May 2021, he visited his wife’s parents and expressed his interest to marry their daughter. On 4th September 2021, the traditional marriage was held and on 27th November they were wedded in church. Indeed, God did it for Him. He thanks God for the ALFC family that stood with him in immeasurable ways.

Barnabus also thanks God for divinely healing his mother who was almost at a point of death. God graced him with a sober mind and a praying church family in such a difficult time. In four days his mother was discharged from hospital.




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