Trusting God With Finances

March 2022, Makindye, Kampala;  Rose, a living testimony gives glory to God for her life. She faced many challenges including losing a job. Whatever she could set her hand to do would fail. One day, she reflected upon her life, and realized that her problems escalated when she stopped tithing. A few days later, a friend gave her money for rent. She decided to take off a tenth of the amount and gave it to God. Rose then made it a point to tithe off everything she held in her hands. Windows of opportunity started to open up to her.

In 2019, one of her friends who heard her story took her to the market and bought her three kilograms of groundnuts and told her to start with that. After three months she decided to start the groundnuts business. The product sold out very quickly.  The business showed a growth potential and required more finances. In September the same year, she approached a friend with whom she shared her business prospects with; he blessed her with money towards her business. Her sales hit an upward trajectory.

However, in 2020, the business got affected drastically by the pandemic. She approached one of the ministers who advised her to conduct a feasibility study about the business before re-embarking on it. This she did and returned the report to the minister, he in turn prayed with her and gave her some money as added capital to her business. Since then, her business has tremendously grown. Rose now knows no lack because God is sufficiently providing for her. Praise the Lord!

Rose also thanks God for the life of her mother who, at the age of 76 does not use any medication and is healthy and strong. She also testifies that for 23 years now since she gave her life to Christ she has never fallen sick.




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