Worship and Creative Arts

Psalms 100:2

Serve the LORD with gladness; Come before His presence with singing.

Worship is a response of Love to Love
Like a maiden preparing a special meal for her Husband so is worship. Here at ALFC, it is a time when we pour our hearts before our creator and Glory in His presence as He fills the room and honors our praise. What a sight! You have to experience this for yourself.
Men and Women from all backgrounds come with their burdens, gifts, plans and lay them at the altar as they yield a sacrifice of their lips invoking the presence of God.

Our agenda is to minister the gospel through music, words and works of worship that people will encounter grace, find hope,experience freedom and grow in faith in Christ alone.

We minister the gospel primarily in Music with the understanding that Christ is our identity.

No matter your level of worship, we’ve got you covered!

Our team is multi-dimensional – allowing you to join our different groups: from the children’s choir to the youth; the worship team; the adult’s choir; the dance groups; the band or the congregation – the largest choir in church. Let your life be impacted by our music ministry.

  1. Weekly rehearsals on Saturday and practice on Sunday for the worship team.
  2. Team-lead worship and ministry specials by various music teams in church services.
  3. Song writing that will stir people’s faith and bring hope and freedom in the local body.
  4. Discipleship in the word that brings freedom for the team to express themselves freely which will inspire others to freedom too.
  5. Extended worship sessions with space for the gifts of the spirit being operational like healing, prophetic and prayer.
  6. Worship classes where people are taught more about worship, gifts, anointing, skills on what the Word says about them.