Youth Ministry


In a country with the youngest population on earth, the spiritual health of the youth matters for strength and the future of our church family. At ALFC, we attend to the spiritual needs of our youth by walking alongside them in prayer and practice of the word in all areas of their growth and development.
By pointing our youth to the importance of being awake to their status in Christ as the righteousness of God, and to keep their faith as the victory that overcomes the world. We position them to arise in their generation as the ambassadors for Christ that they are.

We embrace diversity and celebrate expression of the different gifts and graces deposited with our young people. In short, we are about shaping the youth to discern their place in the kingdom of God.


Discipleship: We expose young people to the systematic study of the scriptures and exercise of their gifts and graces within a supporting environment. This includes facilitating active engagement of young people in sessions of teaching and worship during church and outdoor events.

Relationship Building: We promote collective participation of young people in everyday activities in church, the community and the marketplace.

Out reaches:The youth go to prisons and hospitals to preach the good news