The God That Heals

On the 9th of May 2018, my wife and I were in hospital ready to deliver our first baby. The labor process was overdue, strained and tedious during which the baby died due to meconium aspiration a condition the doctor referred to as ‘dirty water in the womb’ that the baby had inhaled, this resulted into bacterial infection that affected both her fallopian tubes. She lost a lot of blood and almost lost her life too. Early in 2020, my wife went for a medical checkup because we were having difficulty conceiving. The doctor’s report revealed that she had bilateral tubal blockage that is both her fallopian tubes blocked. which meant she could not conceive. In order to conceive, we were given three options: in vitro fertilization (IVF); an operation or flushing. The doctors insisted on IVF as the other methods wouldn’t be as effective given my condition. When she came with this news, I was not moved by the doctor’s report. That’s because around that time, I had dived into the study about healing and was listening to messages about healing.

By the time it came, my faith was already high. We joined faith together with my wife, and believed God for a turnaround. In June 2020, my wife missed her monthly cycle so we did a home pregnancy test which turned out positive. We went to hospital to confirm what the Lord had done for us. While at hospital, the doctor who examined her asked if the report she had previously been given about her fallopian tubes being blocked was correct. According to him, everything seemed perfectly fine! We   conducted a second laboratory test and the result showed that everything was okay. The doctor flagged off the first report as being false. I know and I am persuaded that because we dived in the Word of God, we stood on it and judged the Lord true and faithful to what He had promised and spoken. That stand led us to see the manifestation of God’s Word in form of a seed.

In the early months of the pregnancy, a scan was carried out which revealed there was a growth in my wife’s womb. The doctor said this would affect the baby’s development in the womb. My response to this was, “we know of a healing God who has already sorted out this issue.” We spoke to the growth and it disappeared, we even forgot about it. Months later, she went for her routine antenatal visit. They did a scan and no growth was found in her womb. At seven months my wife fell sick so much that she was put on bed rest till the delivery.  On Friday, 26th February 2021, my wife got labor pains and we took her to the hospital. By the time I came to the labor ward with her file, she had already given birth. My wife told me later that the baby was born with the umbilical cord around her neck and still in dirty water but she lived.  I have seen healing first-hand; and that has caused me to dive in deeper into God, to pursue Him and I have since seen others experience it too. As a couple, we have seen the manifestation of the goodness of God. We give praise to God for what He has done in our family.




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