The God Who Comforts

I thank God for His grace upon my life and my family. Lock down is a challenging season but God is with us. I thank Him for the gift of life and provisions. About two weeks before the lock-down, we suddenly lost two important people in the family. My dad’s sister passed on and just after a few days, his brother also breathed his last. This was a hard time for us as a family but I give glory to God who strengthened and enabled us to get through this tough time.

Furthermore, a few days after, both my parents developed a terrible cough and flu, an illness that spread throughout our entire family. My sister and all her 7 house members as well as my 3 children were all affected. My mother-in-law and 2 sisters-in-law with their husbands were all sick, we suspected it was Covid-19.

This was a trying moment for the family but I thank God as of now everyone fully recovered. Though money was spent on medication, we didn’t pay an alarming hospital bill. My parents and immediate family spent on simple natural remedies which proved effective. In all this, we proclaim victory belongs to Jesus who gave us the wisdom and sustained us through.

 Ivan. S



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