A Miracle of Child birth

A few years ago, we lost our first baby at birth however; we were failing to conceive again despite our attempts. In 2020, my wife went for a medical checkup, where the doctors revealed that both her fallopian tubes were closed which meant she could not conceive naturally. In order to conceive, we were to do an IVF, have an operation or do a flushing. When I heard this news, I refused to consider the doctors report. Around that time, I had dived into the study about healing and was listening to messages about healing so when the report came, my faith was already uplifted. We joined faith with my wife believing God for a turn around.

In June 2020, my wife missed her cycle (period) so she did a home pregnancy test which turned out positive. Then we went to the hospital to confirm what the Lord had done. While at hospital, the doctor who examined her out ruled the previous report; saying her reproductive system was perfectly fine! And she was indeed pregnant. I know and I am persuaded that when we dived in the word of the Lord, and judged Him true and faithful to what He had promised and said. We saw the manifestation in form of a seed.

 A scan was carried out in the early months of pregnancy which revealed that she had a growth in the womb, yet she had no history of fibroids. The doctors said it would affect the baby’s development in the womb. To this report, I responded saying, “we know of a healing God who has already sorted out this issue.” We spoke to the growth and it disappeared! we even forgot about it. Months later, another scan was done, and there was no growth seen in her womb. Glory to God!

 On Friday 26th February 2021, my wife got labor pains and we took her to the hospital, by the time I came to the labor ward with her file, she had already given birth. I am grateful to God for His word, I have seen healing first hand and it has caused me to dive deeper, pursue and see others experience this too. We have seen the manifestation of the goodness of God and we give praise to God for what He has done in our family.

 The Kasozi’s.



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