The Power of Prayer And Confession

November, 2021, Nakawa- Kampala: During the lockdown, Erine decided to join her husband in the village for some time and get familiar with what he was doing. They had planted some corn but the weather condition was getting harsh. The sun shone so much that the plants started weathering. She encouraged her husband to confess that it was going to rain! And she too kept saying so. Indeed, it begun to rain. Every time it threatened to get sunny, they referred to the past testimony and kept on confessing the word. Today she is glad to say that the corn came out well!  Glory to God.

They also had been raring local chicken. Their neighbors who were doing the same, lost all their birds to a strange disease but theirs were thriving. People from around them asked how their chicken survived, and their response was simply: “we pray for our birds so God takes care of them!”. In one particular place in her husband’s maternal home, all the cocks died but theirs thrived in that same place. They are grateful to God that there is power in prayer and in the declaration of God’s word.



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