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I glorify the name of the Lord for His goodness to me.  After the COVID-19 lock down restrictions on church gatherings were relaxed, I was still unable to make it to church. I was occupied with nursing my son who has been bed ridden for a long time. That however changed as a result of a joint seed from the Men of Purpose and the Women of Faith of ALFC. Their seed is one of the greatest things that’s happened to me because I had missed church for so long. God nurtured that seed to the point that I found someone to attend to my son seven days a week.

As if that was not enough, my grandson bought me a washing machine over the same period! In addition, God touched someone else from Nairobi (my late friend’s daughter) to bring a physiotherapist to give my son the required exercises for his legs and arms, and to teach him to once again walk. That was something I needed him to do so that he too can eventually come to church. Not too long after that, another of my sons who lives in London bought me a gas cooker! I cannot thank God enough for His goodness and blessings to me.

JaJa Trudy



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